Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ravenous has been created as a place for me to share my experiences at restaurants in Melbourne and its surrounds, and occasionally my own cooking and dinner parties.

A little about myself... I am studying hospitality next year, but have taken this year off to relax and enjoy all the fabulous restaurants, cafes, bars and fresh food markets Melbourne has to offer. Great food has always been important to myself and my family; we plan our holidays around restaurants we want to try out and I’ve always been encouraged to try new things. As a devoted Epicure reader, a keen follower of food blogs and someone who regularly eats out, i thought it was time to document my own experiences in a blog.

As an 18 year old working part time, I’m not always in the money, so the blog will have an emphasis on great food experiences on a budget. Also, I live with a vegetarian, so at times Ravenous will have a vego angle. Armed with my Entertainment Book and a copy of The Age Good Food Guide, this blog is about my search for delicious food, fresh produce and great places to have a drink at reasonable prices... With the occasional splurge.

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