Friday, September 4, 2009

Ten Dollar Meals: Lounge

243 Swanston Street
Ph: 9663 2916

I love it when I only have to part with a tenner to get a delicious meal. Even better is when a free drink is thrown in. I've had many nights out at Lounge, but in my slightly intoxicated state I'd climbed the stairs and failed to notice that there was a restaurant downstairs. Since I realised this, my friend Kate and I have made lunch at Lounge a weekly ritual.

I chose the $10 lunch special: Tandoori chicken pizza with salad and a drink of your choice.

What an absolute bargain. The tandoori chicken was quite intense and rich and the salad of peppery rocket, tomato and red onion balanced out those heavy flavours. The pizza base was thick and fluffy on the inside and very crunchy at the crust, just how I like it.

A salad of salt and pepper calamari with apple, celery, walnuts and a lemon herb aioli ($10)

Kate said her meal was delicious although she was left still feeling slightly hungry. I, however, was completley full and very satisfied. Kate and I both had lemon, lime and bitters with our meals but the great thing about the ten dollar lunch deal is you can choose absolutely any drink you want, be it coffee, tea, wine, juice, beer...

As well as the $10 lunch special which changes daily, Lounge offers a "lunch club" (buy lunch monday-thursday and get your fifth lunch free), and Monday night is "Pay the Time", where from 6pm-10pm your meal will cost the time (e.g if you have dinner at 7pm, your meal will cost $7).

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