Monday, November 16, 2009

Breakfast on Bridge: Ilios

144 Bridge Road
Ph: 03 9428 6144

Bf and I needed a quick breakfast on Bridge Road before work and I was in such a hurry that I wasn't going to worry about taking pictures or reviewing the place. After the service and food we received at Ilios, however, I couldn't not share the experience.

We both ordered big breakfasts and, after about five minutes of sitting outside, realised we hadn't been asked how we'd like our eggs done. I went inside to tell our waitress and was greeted by a bunch of surly looking floor staff, standing around behind the bar, none seeming too keen to find out what I needed. I found our waitress, who was by far the best out of the bunch, and asked if it was too late to ask for scrambled eggs. She spoke to the kitchen, who said it was fine.

This is is what the kitchen sent out, and a waiter delivered without question...

Cut up fried eggs; a terrible attempt at disguising the mistake of the staff. I understand that the kitchen would not be happy throwing out perfectly good fried eggs, but the menu specifies that the eggs are served however we like and good wait staff should remember to ask.

I found it quite offensive that the kitchen thought I was stupid enough not to notice, or that my standards were so low that I wouldn't care. I can just imagine the conversation between the chefs before our meals were sent out, them assuming that I wouldn't mind and deciding that the food was "good enough". I also was amazed that the wait staff let this go out without question; as a waitress myself, if I saw that coming out of my kitchen I would ask why the eggs looked so strange.

The rest of the big breakfast was quite good; the beverages we had - a latte and a mango smoothie - were great, but the poor service and lack of respect to customers means I won't be coming back.

N.B: Ilios has recently been put on the market for sale.

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