Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's not really a food review, but...

Deveny Does Matt Preston and Marieke Hardy
C.U.B. Malthouse
113 Sturt Street


Last night I went to see a night of conversation, hosted by Catherine Deveny, in which she tackled "some of the hard topics" (food, literature, sex) with guests Marieke Hardy and Matt Preston. When S told me about the event I was incredibly excited; three fabulous writers whom we both admire, in the one room, speaking intelligently and about interesting topics. When I thought about what other 19-year-olds might be doing with their night I felt like a bit of a geek, and I enjoyed that feeling; it was so nice to do something so different. The demographic was mixed, with people of all ages in attendance.

The writers sat on white wicker chairs around a table piled with books, water and white wine. It was relaxed, as though they were in a restaurant having a typical conversation and we were flies on the wall listening in. The conversation in general was fascinating and funny, but from a foodies point of view, it was the way not only Matt, but Marieke and Catherine too, spoke about food that was thrilling. They spoke of the importance of food in everything that we do; that it is much more than fuel. As Matt described, it is what brings people together, and what is there no matter what we are doing: attending a funeral, coming together at Christmas time, at every rite of passage we go through. It was absolutely wonderful to attend an event where interesting people spoke passionately and intelligently about food, among other things, and if such an event comes up again I would highly recommend it to everyone.

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