Monday, August 31, 2009

Breakfast on Bridge: Chimmys

342 Bridge Road
Ph: 9427 1391

This Sunday I spent the morning breakfasting on Bridge with J, my mum and mum's friend SM. We went to Chimmys, a bakehouse and restaurant with a long list of breakfasts to choose from. When we arrived the place was packed; we stood around at the entrance to the restaurant until finally a waitress noticed us and found us a table for four.

SM ordered poached eggs on toast and a hot cross bun; the eggs came out long before any of the other meals arrived, going cold as she politely waited for the rest of our food to arrive. The hot cross bun finally showed up at the very end once all the other food had been delivered.

Mum had: Madrid omelette with chorizo, potato, rosemary, red onion, cheddar and slow roasted truss tomatoes on toast ($13)

I gave into my addiction and had Chimmy's version of Eggs Atlantic; absolutely delicious although I was a little disappointed that the "capers" that were meant to accompany the dish turned out to be a single caperberry.

Soft poached eggs with smoked salmon, sauteed lemon spinach, capers and hollandaise ($14.50)

J: Roasted vegetable panini ($8)

So at times there was confusion about where meals were to be taken and the timing of our dishes wasn't great; but I guess most importantly the food was delicious and good value too. If you don't feel like a sit down, hot meal, there's plenty of fresh, reasonably priced paninis. I'll be back to try one of the dishes from the $12 lunch menu, such as the pan seared lamb cutlets with rosemary and sea salted potatoes.

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