Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eating in Geelong: Winter's Cafe

Winter's Cafe
330 Pakington Street
Ph: 5221 8832

This week I went back to my hometown of Geelong to visit my family; my mum took me out for lunch to one of our old favourites down the river end of cosmopolitan Pakington Street - Winter's cafe.

I am an Eggs Benedict addict and this is where the obsession started. Winter's have a great mix of sandwiches, pastas, salads, soups and curries and despite this I get the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon pretty much every time. This time, however, it was one of the pasta dishes that caught my eye.

Parisienne gnocchi with panchetta, spinach, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes - $15

The pasta sounded so good that Mum and I ordered the same dish. The gnocchi was so light and just melted in your mouth; the tomatoes were plump and juicy; and the panchetta was so crispy and salty, although I would have liked a bit more. Then again I am a pig when it comes to panchetta. When it came out I was worried about the size because I didn't think it would fill me up - my eyes are always bigger than my stomach - but it was quite an oily dish and I wasn't actually able to finish it as it was so rich.

Winter's cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea 7 days a week and is also available for functions and catering.

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